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The Porridge Men

The Porridge Men - Planet Porridge (CD)

The Porridge Men - Planet Porridge (CD)

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The Porridge Men


A world-wide audience saw John and Sinead Kerr perform to the vibrant tracks of The Porridge Men.

REL Records and The Porridge Men are pleased to announce that Scottish figure skaters John and Sinead Kerr used music from The Porridge Men album "Planet Porridge" as the soundtrack for their Free Dance routine for the Winter Olympics 2006 in Turin.

The television audience for the Figure Skating event at the Winter Olympics four years ago reached 2.2 billion people, and this number is expected to have been surpassed for the 2006 Turin Figure Skating competition.

The band The Porridge Men has five members and their instruments include Highland Bagpipes, Scottish Small Pipes, Violin, Keyboards, Midi-Accordion, Drums, Percussion and Didgeridoo. The album itself is an unrestrained celebration of modern Celtic music, and it was the first time such music has been heard in the Olympics.

"The Porridge Men are Scotland's best kept musical secret: an underground contemporary cult collective that defies easy categorisation and holes intended for pigeons." Richard Moore

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