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Scottish Saltire


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Skelpaig - Aye? (CD)

Skelpaig - Aye? (CD)

Price: 11.59



Skelpaig are an energetic trio of musicians from across the Highland and Islands. Their music is full of variety ranging from beautiful slow airs to driving jigs and reels. They've played the length and breadth of Scotland including the Orkney Folk Festival, Hebridean Celtic Festival and Celtic Connections. They can be found during summer in many a hall or pub from Uist to Glasgow.

Katherine Liley:
Katherine is an enthusiastic energetic fiddler from Skye with an accurate, lilting, soulful Scottish fiddle style. This technique, which also appears to be notably influenced by a piping style, is combined with a superb wealth of Scottish tunes, others garnered from the depths of old tune collections, and an ever growing repetoire from across the tradition, especially Cape Breton. Within Skelpaig, her intuition for harmony is also pre-eminent in her deft adaption of the melody line!

David Adam:
David, is a piper, whistle and flute player. Originally intending on the Scottish pipe competition and pipe band scene, he changed his mind and now plays with folk groups and the samba band MacUmba. His style is developing fast and a rapidly growing repetoire of Irish tunes and the more progressive tunes are played with energetic, driving flair along with engaging harmonic arrangements that bring a real lift to the music.

David Sutherland:
David can turn his hand to most stringed instruments but opts for the guitar while playing in Skelpaig. He was born and brought up in Lochaber and was lucky enough to be taught by Angus Grant and Jim Hunter, amongst many others, through the local Feisean. He has played with a number of great folk bands including Cluanas and his intricate melody playing and innate skill at accompaniment is evident in any line-up.

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