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Alan Crookston Ceilidh Band - Note Again (CD)

1. Alan Crookston Ceilidh Band - Note Again (CD)


Note Again is the second album from The Alan Crookston Ceilidh Band comprising of 12 tracks from The Gay Gordons to Strip the Willow. The album contains a lot of very well-known tunes from throughout the years with some more modern and own compositions thrown in to make it a very distinct and unique sound.

Alan has been playin the accordion since he was 11 taking lessons from the late Wilson Wood. He played in a band called The Reel Thing Ceilidh Band from the age of 20. The band were very successful, recording three Take the Floor broadcasts and playing all over the world. He has now formed his own band which have been together for four years. In that time they have recorded four Take the Floor broadcasts, released two albums, played at several festivals and were lucky enough to be nominated for Dance Band of the Year at the MG Alba Trad Awards.

1. Gay Gordons
2. Circassion Circle
3. Canadian Barn Dance
4. Pride of Erin
5. Riverside Jig
6. Eva Three Step
7. Band Leader's Choice
8. Dashing White Sergeant
9. Britannia Two Step
10. St Bernard's Waltz
11. White Heather Foxtrot
12. Strip The Willow
Price: 10.99

Philomena Begley - My Life, My Music, My Memories (CDx2)

2. Philomena Begley - My Life, My Music, My Memories (CDx2)

Ref: HHCD329-SD

My Life, My Music, My Memories is a two disc release that combines 16 of Philomena's most popular songs with 16 rare and unreleased recordings.

Tracks include:-
Disc 1 - My Life, My Music, My Memories, Old Ardboe, Wildwood Flower, Tribute To Billie Jo, Your Health Is Your Wealth, Gold & Silver Days.

Disc 2 - I Apologise, Another Chance, My Tears Will Tell My Heart, If My Heart Had Windows, God I Love You, The Box It Came In.
Price: 10.65

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Don Williams - The Journey (CD)

3. Don Williams - The Journey (CD)

Ref: BGCD873-SD

A Journey through the songwriting of legend Don Williams.

1. Leaving The Flatlands
2. I Need You To Want Me
3. Oh Misery
4. My Heart To You
5. Fly Away
6. One Like Me
7. Lay Down Beside Me
8. Love Me Over Again
9. Shelter Of Your Eyes
10. 'Til the Rivers All Run Dry
11. When I'm With You
12. Running In The Fast Lane
13. We're All The Way
14. I Sing For Joy
Price: 11.85

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Nathan Carter - Live At 3 Arena (CD)

4. Nathan Carter - Live At 3 Arena (CD)


1. Intro
2. Two Doors Down
3. Living The Dream
4. Good Time Girls
5. Wanna Dance
6. Fishing In The Dark
7. Liverpool
8. Temple Bar
9. Rare Auld Times
10. Glen Campbell Medley
11. Skinny Dipping
12. Let The Good Times Roll
13. Jealous Of The Angels
14. Kenny Rogers Medley
15. The Irish Rover
16. Bridge Over Troubled Water
17. Wagon Wheel
18. Shut Up And Dance
Price: 11.99

Discount of 5% when you order 2 or more products from Product Group SD

The Willow Tea Rooms Recipe Book (Paperback)

5. The Willow Tea Rooms Recipe Book (Paperback)

Ref: 9781999718909

In the early 1980s a young woman in her mid-20s from Glasgow s East End had a dream of reviving Kate Cranston's legendary Willow Tea Rooms, designed by world-renowned architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh. 34 years on, Anne Mulhern's Willow Tea Rooms have baked over a million cakes and brewed hundreds of thousands of gallons of tea, continuing to delight a customer base of loyal Glaswegians and international visitors from around the world. The Willow Tea Rooms Recipe Book provides 40 easy-to-make fully-illustrated recipes for the perfect afternoon tea while also telling Anne Mulhern s and the Willow Tea Rooms remarkable and inspiring story.
Price: 8.49

Pete Clark & Muriel Johnstone - Niel Gow's Fiddle (CD)

6. Pete Clark & Muriel Johnstone - Niel Gow's Fiddle (CD)

Ref: INVER229

Niel Gow's Fiddle expertly played by Pete Clark with accompaniement from Muriel Johnstone on Piano. Pete plays some solo tracks and other tracks feature Pete and Muriel. The sleevenotes provide a history of Niel Gow's fiddle thought to be made by Italian luthier Gasparo da Salo and once owned by Niel Gow.

1. Tullochgorum (Trad.) + Poem "To Mr Gow Visiting Dumfries" (Burns) 2'55
2. Loch Errochside (Niel Gow & his second wife) / The Earl of Morton's Jig (Wm. Gow) / Miss Stewart of Grandtully Strathspey & Reel (Niel Gow) 4'57
3. Coilsfield House (Nathaniel Gow) 3'11
4. The Duchess of Atholl (Niel Gow) 1'38
5. Farewell to Whisky / Welcome Whisky Back Again / Highland Whisky (Niel Gow) 3'27
6. Mrs Macdougall-Grant (Nathaniel Gow) / Mrs Donaldson (Niel Gow) / Orchill Graham (Niel Gow) 4'05
7. Sir George Clerk of Pennicuik (Nathaniel Gow) / Lady Charlotte Campbell (Nathaniel Gow) / Lady Charlotte Campbell (Robert Mackintosh) 4'23
8. Watson's Class (Niel Gow) 2'23
9. Major Graham of Inchbrakie (Niel Gow) 2'21
10. Miss Graham of Inchbrakie (Nathaniel Gow) / Lament for James Moray of Abercairney (Niel Gow) 4'41
11. Lady Cunningham of Livingstone (Nathaniel Gow) 1'23
12. Lament of Flora MacDonald (Neil Gow Jnr) 3'11
13. General Lord Glenlyon's March & Quickstep (John Crerar) 3'12
14. Banks of Garry / The Big Boat of Inver / Merry Lads of Inver / Inver Lasses (John Crerar) 3'07
15. Nathaniel Gow's Lament for His Brother (Nathaniel Gow) 2'01
16. Dungarthill / Jamie Wood / Birkenburn (James Macintosh) 3'25
17. Niel Gow's Lament for the Death of His Brother Donald (Niel Gow) 2'02
18. Niel Gow's Lament for the Death of His Second Wife (Niel Gow) 4'19
Price: 11.99

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Scottish Environments (Paperback)

7. Scottish Environments (Paperback)

Ref: 9781905267774

Scotties are exciting, full-colour, Scottish information books for young readers, with a photocopiable black/white 8pp section for home or classroom use. The book looks at the landscape of Scotland before people, and at the islands, coasts, moorlands, machair, lochs, rivers and flora and fauna that we know now. It also discusses topics such as climate change, renewable energy and carbon footprint and at how the countryside can be enjoyed and protected.
Price: 5.94

Tim Edey - The Sleeping Tunes (CD)

8. Tim Edey - The Sleeping Tunes (CD)

Ref: GBR102

The Sleeping Tunes - Beautiful Celtic acoustic solo guitar for the evening time, and bedtime for big and small people.

1. Eriskay Love Lilt
2. Seven Years
3. Bless the Road
4. Broken Wings
5. Cill Cais
6. Bríd Óg Ní Mhaille / Young Bridget O'malley
7. Gaol Troimh Aimsirean
8. Herr Roloff's Farewell
9. The Loch Tay Boat Song
10. Maidin Luan Cincise
11. The Skye Boat Song
12. Spring the Summer Long
13. The Four Mary's / Gaelic Waltz
14. The Sleeping Tune
15. Valse Til Mor & Far
16. Anada Pa Gael
Price: 11.65

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Philomena Begley - My Life, My Music, My Memories (CD Single)

9. Philomena Begley - My Life, My Music, My Memories (CD Single)

Ref: HHCD975-SD

2017 saw Philomena Begley celebrating 55 years in the music business and went back into the studio to record a brand new song written for her by country music star and talented songwriter Derek Ryan. Along with this CD single Philomena Begley is releasing a CD album plus her autobiography.
Price: 1.95

Discount of 5% when you order 2 or more products from Product Group SD

Julie Fowlis - Alterum [CD]

10. Julie Fowlis - Alterum [CD]

Ref: MACH008

Julie Fowlis originally hails from North Uist in the Outer Hebrides and is now based in the Highlands of Scotland. Firmly established as a world music artist with a natural interest and ability to cross-over into other genres and styles, she will forever be known as the singing voice of Merida, the female protagonist in the Disney-Pixar Oscar/Bafta/Golden Globe winning movie 'Brave'.

During an impressive career spanning more than a decade, with multiple awards, accolades and four studio albums, she has until now, sung primarily in Scottish Gaelic. The Latin title of Julie's fifth studio album 'alterum' gently suggests that this record is a departure from what has gone before.

1. A Phiuthrag 's a Phiuthar
2. Camariñas
3. Fear a' Bhrochain / Dòmhnall Binn
4. Dh'èirich Mi Moch, b' Fheàrr Nach Do Dh'èirich
5. Go Your Way
6. Dh'èirich Mi Moch Madainn Cheòthar
7. Windward Away
8. Thèid Mi Do Loch Àlainn
9. Òran an Ròin
10. An Aghaidh Fàilte Na Mòr-Thìr
11. Cearcall Mun Ghealaich
Price: 11.99

A Cromwellian Warship Wrecked off Duart Castle (Hardcover)

11. A Cromwellian Warship Wrecked off Duart Castle (Hardcover)

Ref: 9781908332110

This book records the excavation of the wreck of a small Cromwellian warship, believed to be Swan, which was found off Duart Point in 1979. Maritime archaeologists investigated the wreck, beginning a programme of survey, limited excavation and research which uncovered much of the ship s lower hull and parts of the collapsed upper stern. Including contributions from many of the experts involved in the excavation, this volume charts the project s development, the identification of the wreck and its archaeology, as well as detailing the historical background to the shipwreck. This is the definitive report of the major archaeological project undertaken at Duart Point and is fascinating reading for maritime archaeologists and historians, and all those interested in sailing warships at a critical time in their development.
Price: 21.25

Dress Tartan: Waverley Genuine Tartan Cloth Notebook (10.5cm x 7.5cm) [Hardcover]

12. Dress Tartan: Waverley Genuine Tartan Cloth Notebook (10.5cm x 7.5cm) [Hardcover]

Ref: 9781849344678

This Dress Tartan mini real cloth tartan notebook is part of the Scottish Traditions series. Many dress tartans adopted a white stripe in the sett to signify the difference of wearing a tartan for an occasion, or celebration. This tartan combines the elegance of navy, burgundy, moss green, black and white. This is one of Kinloch Anderson's house tartans range. This mini notebook contains a pen, ribbon marker, eight perforated end leaves, and an expandable inner note holder. (Pen barrel colour may vary from that illustrated.) Early weavers used local plants and natural products for their dyes so the locality of the weaver affected the colours of the local tartan. The genuine tartan cloth used for this notebook is supplied by and produced with the authority of Kinloch Anderson Scotland. Commonplace notebooks date back to the Scottish Enlightenment. Many thinkers and writers used a Commonplace notebook for writing down ideas and knowledge. Adam Smith, Robert Burns, David Hume, and later, writers such as Sir Walter Scott, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Virginia Woolf used commonplace notebooks.
Price: 6.79

Edinburgh: Landscapes in Stone (Paperback)

13. Edinburgh: Landscapes in Stone (Paperback)

Ref: 9781780273716

An ancient and long-extinct volcano lies at the heart of Scotland's capital. It roared into life some 350 million years ago and has been a source of fascination since it was first studied in earnest during the Enlightenment by James Hutton, one of the most significant geologists of all time. Many of Hutton's ground-breaking ideas of how the world works were predicated on the rocks and landscapes of his home city and surrounding area.

This book is a fascinating exploration into Edinburgh's geological history over millions of years - including the passage of ice during a great freeze that has left an indelible stamp on Edinburgh's cityscape, the use rocks quarried locally from ancient, now long disappeared seas to create the stunning elegance of Edinburgh's New Town, and the coal deposits and oil shale which were exploited from the Industrial Revolution to the present day.
Price: 5.94

101 Men in Kilts (Paperback)

14. 101 Men in Kilts (Paperback)

Ref: 9781909430297

From Stornoway to Strathaven, Dumfries to Aberdeen, 101 Men in Kilts brings together men from all walks of life, including bus drivers, engineers, barbers and doctors in a year-long photographic project. Shot in the picturesque lochs, islands, city streets and stately homes of Scotland, the book celebrates the winning combination of a handsome man and a kilt!
Price: 8.49

Scots We Ken (Hardcover)

15. Scots We Ken (Hardcover)

Ref: 9781906307004

Natives know them. Visitors soon get to know them. Some, like the Golf Club Captain, the Last Publican and the Nippy Sweetie, are endangered species; others, like the Whisky Bore and the Munrobagger, are enduring figures on the Scottish landscape. Every generation produces its own variations on the Scottish character and it doesn't take long for the newcomers to become familiar social types like the MSP, the Yooni Yah, the Rural Commuter and the Celebrity Chieftain. Most Scots, if they're honest, will recognise a little bit of themselves in one or other of thes mischievous and frighteningly accurate portraits. Julie Davidson's wickedly observed profiles are complemented by Bob Dewar's witty drawings in this roguish gallery of "Scots We Ken".
Price: 8.49

Michael Marra: Arrest This Moment (Hardcover)

16. Michael Marra: Arrest This Moment (Hardcover)

Ref: 9780956957818

Michael Marra: Arrest this moment The gravel-voiced chronicler of improbable encounters and real human truths and one of Scotland s finest songwriters, Michael Marra's extraordinary story is told by acclaimed author James Robertson through a series of prose pieces, interviews with friends and family and kitchen chats, real and imagined. Packed with images and anecdotes some of which have never been in the public domain before, the many lives of this unique man are gathered together for the first time.
Price: 21.24

The Essential Gaelic-English - English-Gaelic Dictionary (Paperback)

17. The Essential Gaelic-English - English-Gaelic Dictionary (Paperback)

Ref: 9781780274645

Angus Watson's Essential Gaelic-English and English-Gaelic dictionaries are well-established as one of the leading dictionaries of the Gaelic language.

This combined dictionary is ideal for learners of Gaelic at all levels, and its generous coverage of vocabulary from fields such as business and IT makes it a valuable tool for all those who require an up-to-date reference work. It contains a large amount of explanatory material, numerous examples of usage and idiomatic phrases and expressions. Many registers and styles are sampled, from the familiar (and occasionally the vulgar) to the formal and the literary. Cross-references draw the user to related words and expressions, and Scots equivalents are provided for a number of headwords.
Price: 12.74

Scotland, the UK and Brexit: A Guide to the Future (Paperback)

18. Scotland, the UK and Brexit: A Guide to the Future (Paperback)

Ref: 9781912147182

The unexpected outcome of the 2017 UK general election means that the UK Government lacks a clear mandate on Brexit and also that the Scottish Government lacks a clear mandate on holding a second Independence Referendum consequent to the material change in circumstance which will be brought about by Brexit. We are in for a bumpy, unpredictable ride, one with profound consequences for the people of Scotland and the UK.

In this collection of essays from a wide range of leading political specialists, journalists and academics, Hassan and Gunson have assembled a comprehensive guide to Brexit for the UK as a whole, and its constituent parts.

From fisheries and agriculture to higher education and law, the whys and how of Brexit are challenged from all angles. Particular attention is paid to how Brexit will impact Scotland and the viability of a future independent Scotland.
Price: 11.04

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Pete Clark & Muriel Johnstone - Niel Gow's Fiddle (CD)
Now Glasgow (Paperback)

19. Now Glasgow (Paperback)

Ref: 9781905683970

'Allan Wright's wonderful photos of Glasgow show that our city contributes just as much to Scotland's unparalleled scenic splendour as any mountain or glen. The photos here will strike sparks of instant recognition and memory in everyone who knows and loves Glasgow as well as making us look afresh at familiar scenes shown in a new and unfamiliar light. "Above all though, Allan has captured, in the faces that appear in the later photos in the book, the personality and spirit of the people who populate Glasgow's landscape. Yes, we have stunning buildings and streetscapes, lush parks, incredible views - but none of them would mean anything without the Glaswegians who bring them to life. This is a book for and about them." Susan Aitken
Price: 16.99

The Best Xmas Album On The Planet (CD)

20. The Best Xmas Album On The Planet (CD)

Ref: TMKCD101

Another in the Best Selling 'Album On The Planet' series, the perfect Christmas impulse buy.

1. White Christmas (Planet Xmas Mix) - Bing Crosby
2. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Planet Xmas Mix) - Winter Dreams
3. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer (Planet Xmas Mix) - Winter Dreams
4. It's A Wonderful Life (Planet Xmas Mix) - Winter Dreams
5. Santa Baby (Planet Xmas Mix) - Eartha Kitt
6. All Through The Night (Planet Xmas Mix) - Paul Robeson
7. Ding Dong Merrily On High (Planet Xmas Mix) - The Paisley Abbey Choir
8. When A Child Is Born (Planet Xmas Mix) - The MacDonald Bros
9. Jingle Bells (Planet Xmas Mix) - Frank Sinatra
10. The Very First Christmas Of All (Planet Xmas Mix) - Ruby Murray
11. Winter Wonderland (Planet Xmas Mix) - The MacDonald Bros
12. The Warm Glow Of Christmas (Planet Xmas Mix) - Winter Dreams
13. The First Noel (Planet Xmas Mix) - Winter Dreams
14. Merry Christmas Everyone (Planet Xmas Mix) - The MacDonald Bros
15. Ave Maria (Planet Xmas Mix) - Winter Dreams
16. Oh Come All Ye Faithful (Planet Xmas Mix) - Winter Dreams
17. Away In A Manger (Planet Xmas Mix) - Paisley Choir
18. Silent Night (Planet Xmas Mix) - Winter Dreams
Price: 7.99

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