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Edinburgh Military Tattoo - 2017 (Blu-Ray DVD)

1. Edinburgh Military Tattoo - 2017 (Blu-Ray DVD)


Full coverage of the 68th Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo live from the Esplanade of Edinburgh Castle. The world's most spectacular military Tattoo will host a parade of talent from all around the world whilst celebrating 'Splash of Tartan'

Set against the stunning backdrop of Edinburgh Castle, the spine-tingling presentation includes Massed Bands of Her Majesty's Royal Marines, Tattoo Highland Dancers, crowd favourites the Massed Pipes and Drums plus many more.
Price: 21.99

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Alastair McDonald - Across A Stormy Ocean (CD)

2. Alastair McDonald - Across A Stormy Ocean (CD)

Ref: CBNCD057-SD

Alastair McDonald is firmly established as Scotland's leading musical minstrel.

1. Dear or Alive
2. Come, Kiss Me Love
3. Ace In The Hole
4. The Last Minstrel/Dark Island
5. Rivonia
6. Hindustani Granny
7. Banffies' Hustle
8. Hush Little Baby
9. John Kelly
10. A Highland Faery Lullabye
11. Smile In Your Sleep
12. Let's Leave Them A Flower
13. Jobsworth
14. Lion On The Baranca
15. Shoals O' Herrin'
16. Yuri Gagarin
17. Aye Waiting
18. Donald' Don
19. Mary Baker City Mix
20. Music of The Highlands
Price: 10.59

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Lews Castle College UHI - The Musicians' Nest (CD)

3. Lews Castle College UHI - The Musicians' Nest (CD)

Ref: NNC001

Many of today's top names in Scottish traditional music have spent formative years living and honing their craft on the music courses at Lews Castle College UHI on the Islands of Uist in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. ? This 18 track album -The Musical Nest, showcases a sample of current and alumni students - many of whom have made their names as award winning musicians performing on national and international stages including: James Duncan MacKenzie, Angus Nicolson Trio, Mairi Therese Gilfedder, Robbie Greig, Seonaidh MacIntyre with Trail West, Ali Turner with Tide Lines, Greg Barry and Euan Smillie with Elephant Sessions, Tom Callister and Greg Barry with Mec Lir. This Musical nest has been built and feathered by a wonderful team of academic staff and tradition bearers: Piper Iain MacDonald, Gaelic singer Paul McCallum, Lews Castle College UHI academic teaching staff: Will Lamb who was at the helm developing the first courses (2001-2010), Mhairi Hall (2003-2006), Anna-Wendy Stevenson (2006- present), Simon Bradley (2012-present), Roisin King (2015 - present) and guest lecturers too many to name but deeply appreciated.
Price: 11.65

Julie Fowlis - Alterum (Vinyl)

4. Julie Fowlis - Alterum (Vinyl)

Ref: MACH009

Julie Fowlis originally hails from North Uist in the Outer Hebrides and is now based in the Highlands of Scotland. Firmly established as a world music artist with a natural interest and ability to cross-over into other genres and styles, she will forever be known as the singing voice of Merida, the female protagonist in the Disney-Pixar Oscar/Bafta/Golden Globe winning movie 'Brave'.

During an impressive career spanning more than a decade, with multiple awards, accolades and four studio albums, she has until now, sung primarily in Scottish Gaelic. The Latin title of Julie's fifth studio album 'alterum' gently suggests that this record is a departure from what has gone before.

1. A Phiuthrag 's a Phiuthar
2. Camariñas
3. Fear a' Bhrochain / Dòmhnall Binn
4. Dh'èirich Mi Moch, b' Fheàrr Nach Do Dh'èirich
5. Go Your Way
6. Dh'èirich Mi Moch Madainn Cheòthar
7. Windward Away
8. Thèid Mi Do Loch Àlainn
9. Òran an Ròin
10. An Aghaidh Fàilte Na Mòr-Thìr
11. Cearcall Mun Ghealaich
Price: 16.99

Red Pine Timber Co. - Sorry for the Good Times (CD)

5. Red Pine Timber Co. - Sorry for the Good Times (CD)

Ref: 880992153829-BCD

Formed in 2009 by frontman Gavin Munro (formerly of Southpaw), Red Pine Timber Co. began as a loose collective of musicians and songwriters. They have since evolved into one of the UK's premier Americana groups, having played shows and festivals all over the country, from the Isle of Skye to the O2 Arena in London.

Based in Perth, Scotland, Red Pine Timber Co. have been described as "...a big band with a big sound that straddles classic folk rock and fat back horn fuel grooves..." (Blabber 'n' Smoke)

In 2013, Red Pine released their debut album, Different Lonesome, to critical acclaim. The album showcased the songwriting talents of Munro and the versatility of a band finding it's footing in the world of Americana.

Since then the band have played tirelessly and honed their sound, creating a memorable live show in then process.

Sorry for the Good Times is their second album.

Gavin Munro - Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar / Harmonica
Katie Whittaker - Lead Vocals
Michael McNab - Lead Guitar / Mandolin
Thom Bubb - Electric & Double Bass
Ivan Sveda - Drums / Percussion
Chris Small - Trombone / Trumpet / Harmonica / Backing Vocals / Guitar
Neil Ewen - Tenor Saxophone
David Macfarlane - Fiddle / Guitar / Backing Vocals

1. If You Want To
2. Hollow Tree
3. Tracks In The Snow
4. The Same Kind Of Pretty
5. Put Down The Bottle
6. After You
7. Cutting You Loose
8. Bar Stool
9. Look At The Moonlight
10. For The Angels
11. Get Right With You
12. Dry Your Eyes
Price: 10.99

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The Humpff Family - Mothers Fathers (CDx2)

6. The Humpff Family - Mothers Fathers (CDx2)

Ref: IRCD072-SD

Back in the 90s the Humpff Family took the music establishment by storm, leading the Scottish folk-a-billy revolution. The band's first gig was in Chimmi Chungas, Glasgow, on 23rd April 1987; they were the resident band on the Funny Farm show on STV in 1990-91 and got a record deal on the 24th April 1992 when the band was five years and one day old. Just one year later their first album was number 50 in the US Top 100.

A Limited edition re-release of 'Mothers' 1992 and 'Fathers' 1994. Repackaged as a two CD set with two extra live tracks.

John Coletta and the Humpff Family Revival played at Celtic Connections 2018.

John Coletta - Vocals & Mandolin
Gavin McComb - Vocals, Dobro & Percussion
Aidan Wilson - Vocals & Guitar
Malcolm Stevenson - Vocals & Bass
Victor Carlin - Drums
David Crichton - Fiddle
Chick Lyall - Piano & Harmonium
Fraser Spiers - Harmonica
Monica Queen - Vocals (Tks.5,9&12)

John Coletta - Mandolin, Guitar, Banjo, Lead Vocal.
Malcolm Stevenson - Bass, Vocals
Davy Taylor - Dobro - Electric Slide, Vocals
Stuart Brown - Guitar
Kat Evans - Fiddle
Kev Wilkenson - Drums
Gordon McCulloch - Accordion.

Disc 1
1. Keep It Down
2. Brazilian Blend
3. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
4. Hoo Haa
5. Self Pity Waltz
6. Rattle Of A Simple Man
7. Misty Again
8. In That Dress
9. Five Years And Just One Day
10. Falling Apart
11. Shoplifting
12. Teach Jeasus
13. Old Film And Tickets (Lordy Lordy)
14. Martha And Vernon
15. Moby Marly
16. Beaujolais Nouveau
17. Falling Apart

Disc 2
1. That's What I See
2. Triangle
3. Magic Journey
4. Can Of Beans
5. Future Imperfect
6. The Skye Bridge Song
7. Love, Death, Divorce, Prison, Alcohol, Rivers And Trains
8. Be There
9. Joanie's Letter
10. Mary's Luck
11. Rain
12. Henryetta
13. Conduct Of Pigeons
14. Henryetta
Price: 10.99

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Josie Duncan & Pablo Lafuente - The Morning Tempest (CD)

7. Josie Duncan & Pablo Lafuente - The Morning Tempest (CD)

Ref: 5060358921117-BCD

From self-penned tunes to the most ancient songs, in English, Gaelic and Scots, this award-winning duo showcase their musical storytelling abilities on this truly unique debut album. From the fragile and delicate to the bold and strong, with the help of some special guests.

2017 BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award Winners Josie Duncan and Pablo Lafuente are a vocal/guitar duo like no other.

Calling the Isle of Lewis and Spain home respectively, its no wonder their music doesn’t focus on one place, on one of the many strands of Scotland’s web of traditions.

They are well traveled, and well versed, in music from across the land. On guitar, and vocals in Gaelic, Scots and English, their music is a round tour, where centuries old ballads meet Gaelic puirt a beul, songs from the mines and cotton mills, as well as some original writing.

Josie’s voice, crystal clear. With its slight island twang, equally at home in any of these domains. Accompanied by Pablo’s dynamic, sensitive guitar playing, they illuminate the lyrics. The music at times sparse and haunting, at others driving and all consuming, leaving audiences stunned.

Josie Duncan (vocals), Pablo Lafuente (guitars), Graham Rorie (mandolin, flute), Rufus Huggan (cello), Robbie Greig (Fiddle), Conal McDonagh (whistles), Charlie Stewart (double bass), David Foley (bodhran), Neil Paton (percussion), Colin MacLeod (guest vocals), Hedley Benson (flugelhorn).

1. The Night Visiting Song
2. Thug Mi 'n Oidhche
3. The Great Escape
4. King Orfeo
5. Uamh An Oir
6. He Called For A Candle
7. He Fades Away
8. Kerosine Light
9. Potato Puìrt
Price: 10.99

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Heather Downie - Nae Sweet For Shy Bairns (CD)

8. Heather Downie - Nae Sweet For Shy Bairns (CD)

Ref: 5060358921025-BCD

Launching her debut solo album Nae Sweets for Shy Bairns, Heather Downie holds nothing back in her feisty, fresh approach to her harp playing. Having been introduced to Scottish music by the late Martyn Bennett, Heather has been involved in music from a young age. Graduating from the RSAMD with a first class honours degree, Heather went on to achieve distinction in her postgraduate diploma in performance studies. No stranger to performing Heather was a Young Traditional Musician of the Year finalist in 2015. She teaches at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and plays with the band Top Floor Taviers. She has toured across Europe and America and is the Co-founder of Harp Bazzar teaching and promoting group work for the harp.

1. For the Love of Levers
2. Niel Gow's Lament for the Death of his Second Wife
3. The Best of Us
4. William and Wizards
5. Stronger Than You Know
6. Midnight
7. The Field of Gold
8. Messed Up Marches
9. Under The Stars
Price: 10.99

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Salt House - Undersong (CD)

9. Salt House - Undersong (CD)


'Undersong' is the new album from Scottish folk trio Salt House. Produced by folk scene heavyweight Andy Bell (Martin Simpson, Songs of Separation, Furrow Collective), the album instills a special sense of place, recorded in a restored Telford Church on the island of Berneray, Outer Hebrides. Whether its setting old words to new melodies, re-working ancient ballads or writing their own - Salt House marry all their musical strands with a deep understanding for the British song tradition and an empathy for a story. Recent recruit, singer-songwriter Jenny Sturgeon joins multi-instrumentalist and songsmith Ewan MacPherson and violist and fiddler Lauren MacColl to weave stories of landscape, place and time.

1. Old Shoes
2. Turn Ye To Me
3. Lay Your Dark Low
4. The Sisters' Revenge
5. Charmer
6. Staring at Stars
7. The Road Not Taken
8. I Sowed Some Seeds
9. Slow Fields of Home
10. Undersong
Price: 8.99

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The Two Highland Lads with Leonard Brown and his All Star Band (CD)

10. The Two Highland Lads with Leonard Brown and his All Star Band (CD)

Ref: LBCD010-E

1. The Two Highland Lads
2. Song of the Clyde
3. Blaze Away
4. The Midges
5. Consider Yourself
6. Down in the Glen
7. Big Kilmarnock Bunnet
8 Misty Islands of the Highlands
9. O Sole Mio
10. Tribute to the West Coast
11. Beautiful Dreamer
12. Sir Harry Lauder Medley
13. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square
14. Sweet Violets
15. Java Jive
16. Amazing Grace
17. Jimmy Shand’s a Legend

Liam Bonthrone - vocals
Kenneth Maciver - vocals

Leonard Brown - Accordion
Liam Stewart - Piano
Duncan Findlay - Banjo, Guitar
John Sinton - Double Bass
Malcolm Ross - Drums

Barberscotch - vocals
Kyle Rowan - bagpipes

Scottish tenor Liam Bonthrone is in his final year of study at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, under the tutelage of Scott Johnson. In the RCS he has been awarded the Hugh S. Roberton prize for Scottish singing (2014), and was highly commended in both the Jean Highgate Scholarship for singing (2016) and the Elgar Spedding Lieder Prize (2017)

Liam regularly attends Oxenfoord International Summer School, where he has taken part in the opera scenes course and masterclasses include Malcolm Martineau, John Treleaven, Linda Ormiston and Jamie Macdougall.

He was involved in RCS' recent productions of Die Fledermaus, Vaughan Williams' Sir John in Love and Britten’s Owen Wingrave. As a soloist, performances have included Handel’s Messiah, Mozart’s Requiem, Haydn’s The Creation and Nelson Mass and Stainer’s Crucifixion. Liam is currently a choral scholar at Paisley Abbey where he holds the Kenneth McKellar scholarship under the direction of esteemed organist and choir-master George McPhee.

He has also been a member of Edna Auld’s Jambouree Singers in Perth, for twelve years.

Kenneth Maciver was born and raised in Perth, and it was while at primary school, he became interested in singing.

At the age of seventeen he began studying singing. Over the next few years, he won a number of prestigious awards for his fine baritone voice.

He is currently studying with the international Dutch tenor and teacher Amand Hekkers in Holland.

In 2015 Kenneth sang with the Scottish National Orchestra to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Perth Concert Hall. He had sung there 10 years earlier on the day it was first opened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Kenneth has a particular interest in performing the music of Scotland as well as opera and musicals. He works regularly with tenor Liam Bonthrone and with the Leonard Brown Band.
Price: 10.99

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Cool Scots (Hardcover)

11. Cool Scots (Hardcover)

Ref: 9781912147267

What do Kenny Dalglish and Robert Louis Stevenson have in common? Or Annie Lennox and Mary Barbour? Or Joseph Knight and Sean Connery? They are but a few examples of the Scots that have shaped the cool nation we see today.

In this whacky toon-fest of character sketches, Greg Moodie presents 42 key figures in Scotland s rich and varied history. Spanning the living and the dead, the portraits range from potentially paranoid politicians and health-and-safety-loving Formula One drivers to Jacobite heroines and promiscuous poets. Basically, you get the best of the best.

Accompanying each brief biography peppered with quirky anecdotes, hilarious quips and mostly accurate facts is a psychedelic portrait that blends past and present. Ever seen Muriel Sparks sport a studded choker or James Clerk Maxwell boast two sleeves of tattoos? You will now.

For once including those cool Scottish women so often ignored in history books, Moodie presents his collection in an order deliberately designed to jolt your little minds out of their preconceived ideas of time . You ll leap between modern day musicians and 18th century science writers at the turn of each delightfully glossy page.

Lavishly illustrated throughout, Moodie celebrates Scotland s achievements, revels in its victories and occasionally blends fact and fiction.
Price: 11.04

Shetland Mandolin Band - Always on a Monday (CD)

12. Shetland Mandolin Band - Always on a Monday (CD)

Ref: 880992156820-BCD

Shetland Mandolin Band's first venture into the recording studio has resulted in a lightsome album of instrumental music from around the world, played by 28 mandolinists and accompanied by double bass, piano and guitar. The 12 tracks on Always on a Monday include 18 tunes from 11 countries - the earliest tune composed in 1725 and the newest in 2016. Some are well-known as mandolin tunes, others are from the traditional and country music worlds; some have a classical base and there are original 'Shetland' tunes from Jenny Henry and Nigel Hallett too.

The 'community' band first got together in 2015 with the aim of providing a setting for Shetland's mandolin players, no matter their age or ability, to meet and play tunes, as well as to encourage mandolin playing in the islands. Such has been the success of the venture that the band meets fortnightly, always on a Monday, and continues to enjoy the support and encouragement of mandolin players and the good people of Shetland. Band members are aged from 11 to 75 and include well-known, experienced players such as Gary Peterson (Hom Bru) and Trevor Jamieson (North Ness Boys) as well as players who have just set out on their musical journey and learn the instrument from tutor Jenny Henry.

1. The Northlands
2. Kentucky Waltz / Tennessee Waltz
3. Frankie's Tune / Foxrock Hornpipe
4. Song For PJ
5. Bach Minuet in G
6. Boilersuit Blues / Soup Pot Blues
7. Polka Marcia
8. Asta In Snow / Coridinio
9. Lounge Bar / La Fee du Dents (The Tooth Fairy)
10. Sarah's Song
11. El Choclo (The Corn Cob)
12. O Sole Mio / Never On A Sunday
Price: 10.99

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Iain J Smith - Ode To Whisky (CD)

13. Iain J Smith - Ode To Whisky (CD)

Ref: IJS001-E

Ode to Whisky (Óid don Uisce Beatha Ir. gaelige) (Tha Bhuidh air an Uisge Bheadach Sc. gaidhlig) is a studio album recorded entirely in Kirkcudbright, Galloway, Scotland. It is a musical celebration of the water of life.

Just as whiskies vary from the fine Highlands and Speysides, to the peaty malts of the Islands; from the Lowland malts to the thrice distilled smooth whiskies of Ireland; from the ryes of Canada to the corns, and bourbons of Kentucky and Tennessee; so too the music here is rich and varied. But it all has one thing in common, it is music written about whisky by those who loved it.

It ranges from the baroque harp music of Turlough O'Carolan, to the grand strathspeys of Niel Gow, from the stylised dance music of the romantics to the bluegrass of Appalachia....... and much in between.

Arranged and performed entirely by Iain Smith it features pianos, bouzouki, whistles, guitars, dulcimer and banjo along with the sounds of the fiddle, pipes and harp augmented by orchestration.

The C.D. comes with a sixteen page booklet rich with information and anecdote. It also notes, humorously the correct whisky to accompany each tune.

To enjoy this music at its best take it regularly along with your favourite dram.

1. Oid don Uisce Beatha - O'Carolan
2. Highland Whisky / The Charms of Whisky - Gow
3. Drops of Whisky - trad. coll. Preston
4. John Barleycorn - trad.
5. Lull Me Beyond Thee (Sir John Barleycorne) - trad.
6. Farewell To Whisky - Gow
7. Welcome Whisky Back Again - Gow
8. The Humours of Whiskey - trad.
9. Da Spirit o' Whisky - trad.
10. Di-Moladh an uisge-bheatha - MacDonnell
11. Medley (An Poitin Stil, Moonshiner, Rare Old Mountain Dew, Whiskey You're the Devil, Whiskey 'for Breakfast)
12. O'Carolan's Receipt (for dinking) - O'Carolan)
13. Tae the Hairst, the Maut and the Barley Bree - Smith
14. Farewell to Whisky (reprise) - Gow
Price: 9.99

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Sgoil Chiuil Na Gaidhealtachd - Brick By Brick (CD)

14. Sgoil Chiuil Na Gaidhealtachd - Brick By Brick (CD)

Ref: 880992154628-BCD

Brick By Brick is the 17th annual CD of the students of the National Centre of Excellence in Traditional Music. These CDs are well established as an acoustic yearbook, and all the material is chosen and arranged by the students themselves. There's a distinctly political flavour about this year's 'Big Songs', which says a lot about how politically engaged our young folk are becoming in this country. But there is also, as ever, a broad mix of tunes and songs old and new, including a few original compositions by the students themselves.


1. Why We Build the Wall
2. Angus Rocks
3. Bowmore
4. Attics
5. Up the Noran Water
6. Diego's Young Aunt
7. Bideag Dhomnhaill 'Ic Alasdair
8. Friday the 13th
9. You're Welcome Willie Stewart
10. No Light
11. Every Man
12. 'Ic Iain 'Ic Seumas
13. Gran's Pal
14. Paella
15. Blackberry


1. Barney's
2. Scotland Yet
3. Marcos Wood
4. Buain a' Choirce
5. 4th Floor
6. The Barnyards of Delgaty
7. My Mighty Beezer
8. Wee Michael
9. An Assynt Man's Visit To Glasgow
Price: 10.99

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