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Scottish Music - New Products

Charles Rennie Mackintosh (Paperback)

1. Charles Rennie Mackintosh (Paperback)

Ref: 9781908638298

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Making the Glasgow Style.

2018 is the 150th anniversary of the birth of Glasgow's famous son, architect and artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

A year-long celebration of Mackintosh's contribution to the arts, and to the making of the world-famous Glasgow Style is taking place throughout the city, including a major exhibition, and tour.

This book focuses on highlights from Glasgow Museums' collections, and considers what was happening in the city that encouraged the creativity of Mackintosh and contemporaries such as Margaret and Frances Macdonald, Jessie M King, Talwin Morris, James Salmon amongst others to flourish.

It looks at architecture in the city, 'The Four', the influence of Japan, the early architecture, the city's technical studios and artisans, crafts, furniture design, the spread of the Glasgow Style, the world-famous tearoom interiors, and Mackintosh's later years in London and France.

Beautifully illustrated throughout, including some works never before on public display.
Price: 8.49

Stephen Harrison - It Starts With The Soul (CD)

2. Stephen Harrison - It Starts With The Soul (CD)

Ref: WP018

It Starts With The Soul is Stephen Harrison's 9th solo album and comprises of nine recently written and recorded songs in which he continues his development with writing on acoustic guitar that started with his two last albums 'Today Tomorrow" in 2012 and 'Cherry Fair' in 2014. Stephen began writing songs back in the 1970's when he was a teenager and song writing, along with painting has always been an important form of self expression for him.

1. It Starts with the Soul
2. Trains
3. Folly
4. My Dream's in My Pocket
5. One Fine Day
6. lago's Light
7. The Middle of the Morning
8. Show the Summer to the Spring
9. The Radio of Love
Price: 11.65

Chris Grant - Live at Rhivendell Vol. 1 (CD)

3. Chris Grant - Live at Rhivendell Vol. 1 (CD)


Live at Rhivendell Vol.1 is a live album recorded on the black isle in Scotland, Chris Grant is a singer-songwriter who has put together a collection of previously released and brand new material for this raw, exciting and honest album.

His raspy vocal tones and his loose guitar playing style combine well together with his soulful hearty tracks to hopefully leave the listener spellbound.

For fans of acoustic soul and blues.

1.Come Home With Me
2. Heartbreaker
3. Driftin'
4. I Should've Known
5. Half the Battle
6. Oh Boy
7. Sleeping Beauty
8. Daddy Ain't Home
9. When Will You Let Me Go
10. Old Flames
11. Baby You're Good
12. I Can Change
Price: 10.99

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Alyn Cosker - KPF (CD)

4. Alyn Cosker - KPF (CD)

Ref: 5060358921148-BCD

KPF is the follow up to Alyn Kosker's critically acclaimed album 'Lyn's Une'.

It features the drummers core band of Steve Hamilton on keys, Davie Dunsmuir on guitar and Colin Cunningham on bass alongside a host of world renowned musicians/artists such as Tommy Smith, Joe Locke, Laurence Cottle and Eddi Reader and many more.

Alyn's compositions reflect his love for artists such as Sting, Peter Gabriel, Steely Dan, Jaco Pastorius and Michael McGoldrick in a groove based album with challenging yet accessible time signatures.

1. Serenity
2. Yatey Ate
3. Dragons
4. Purely Intertwined
5. KPF
6. Hee Haw Twice
7. We Were Young
8. The Adventures of Feskelar
9. Could Be Fate
10. Shoogly Paw
11. Two Stars In The Sky
Price: 10.99

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Scotland's Voices (CD)

5. Scotland's Voices (CD)

Ref: CDTRAX400

The album includes tracks by the monumental Jeannie Robertson MBE (MacCrimmon’s Lament and The Battle of Harlaw); matriarch of The Stewarts of Blair, Belle Stewart MBE (The Berryfields of Blair and The Queen Among The Heather); bearing a wealth of Gaelic song and originally from Lewis, Dolina MacLennan (Tha Mi Duillich); the Border Shepherd, Willie Scott (Jamie Telfer of The Fair Dodheid and The Kielder Hunt); King of the Cornkisters, Jimmy MacBeath (Come All Ye Tramps and Hawkers and Drumdelgie); the internationally renowned revivalist Jean Redpath MBE (Auld Lang Syne); Shetland’s ambassador for the fiddle, Aly Bain MBE (Hector The Hero); and one of the three piping MacDonald brothers of Glenuig, Allan MacDonald (Thogail nam Bó).

We also thought it appropriate to include a self-penned track by Hamish Henderson (The Freedom Come All Ye) and a short poem from a key figure in the painting, Hugh MacDiarmid (The Watergaw). We’ve also included tracks by two singers not in the painting but who were approximate contemporaries of those portrayed: the internationally renowned exponent of Gaelic song, Flora MacNeil (A Mhic Iain Ic Sheumais) and the irrepressible Davie The Galoot Stewart (McGinty’s Meal and Ale).

Interestingly, the Jeannie Robertson track The Battle of Harlaw, from The School of Scottish Studies archives, was recorded by Hamish Henderson at one of his famous ceilidhs - live recordings do of course have their own challenges. Davie Stewart’s track McGinty’s Meal and Ale was recorded by the American collector, Alan Lomax.

1. Jeannie Robertson - MacCrimmon’s Lament
2. Jimmy MacBeath - Tramps and Hawkers
3. Jean Redpath - Auld Lang Syne
4. Willie Scott - Jamie Telfer of The Fair Dodheid
5. Dolina MacLennan - Tha Mi Duilich (I Am Sorrowful)
6. Davie Stewart - McGinty’s Meal and Ale
7. Aly Bain (with Ale Möller) - Hector The Hero
8. Belle Stewart - The Berryfields of Blair
9. Allan MacDonald (with Seudan) - Thogail nam Bó (MacFarlane’s Gathering)
10. Willie Scott - The Kielder Hunt
11. Jimmy MacBeath - Drumdelgie
12. Flora MacNeil - Mhic Iain ‘Ic Sheumais (Son of John, Son of James)
13. Belle Stewart - Queen Among The Heather
14. Jeannie Robertson - The Battle of Harlaw
15. Hugh MacDiarmid - The Watergaw (poem)
16. Hamish Henderson - The Freedom Come All Ye
Price: 11.65

Scottish Orientalism and the Indian Renaissance (Paperback)

6. Scottish Orientalism and the Indian Renaissance (Paperback)

Ref: 9781912147113

The historical relationship between Scotland and India is a relatively unexplored part of colonial history. This project seeks to re-examine the interchange of ideas initiated in the 18th century by the Scottish Enlightenment, and the ways in which these ideas were reformed and shaped to fit the changing social fabric of Scotland and India in the 19th and 20th centuries. In this volume, the significance and influence both nations had on the other is examined and brought to light for the first time. With contributions from key individuals and institutions in both Scotland and India, the range of ideas that were interchanged between the two nations will be explored in the contexts of culture studies, history, the social sciences and literature.
Price: 11.04

Jim Weatherston - Take Me Dancing (CD)

7. Jim Weatherston - Take Me Dancing (CD)

Ref: 880992158725

Does anybody really get to know Jim Weatherston?

Well yes! They do and I’m proud to number myself amongst them. He is open, and hopelessly opinionated. Sigh! But likeable in a big way!…….He is a very keen musician and a close and trusted honest good ol’ buddy. Anyone else would find him to be exactly that if they don’t cross him.

He is very proud of his long friendship with fellow musician and equally magnificent songwriter Charlie Milne. They, with George Archibald and Jim’s wife May, work well together in the acclaimed “Ragged Glory”.

I had the privilege of producing and recording Jim’s solo CD which has just been released. “Take Me Dancing”. It really is jam packed with goodies. Melodic, poignant, emotive, emotional and damned well clever self penned material.

Jim is a strong instrumentalist; generally guitar and bass, and his voice is reminiscent of Neil Young with a Scottish accent. (I am a Neil Young fan.)

The best I can say is that these songs are amongst the best and very stealable. I will be using some. Sorry Jim! I will try to get my own versions close to your own standards if I can. (Good luck Ian!)
Ian Bruce - Feb 2018

1. Heave Away
2. A Song For Audrey
3. The Last Lighthouseman
4. Happy Man
5. The Girls Back Home
6. The Leavin' o' The Flo'ers
7. Miserable Song II
8. Soon Be Tomorrow
9. The Window Of My Heart
10. Arrilas
11. Take Me Dancing
12. Sail Away
Price: 10.99

Owen Mac - My Journey (CD)

8. Owen Mac - My Journey (CD)


Teenage sensation Owen Mac is back with his new album "My Journey". A great new album featuring 10 new recordings.

1. There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder
2. Irish Heart
3. Silver Haired Daddy
4. Try
5. Crazy
6. I Won't Have To Worry Anymore
7. Rolling Home
8. In The Time That You Gave Me
9. Rocky Top
10. Here Comes Goodbye
Price: 12.49

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Blair Douglas - Italian Chapel Suite (CD)

9. Blair Douglas - Italian Chapel Suite (CD)


Blair Douglas has for many years been fascinated by the story of the Chapel and composed a suite of music as his tribute to the dedication of the prisoners. The music was performed and recorded in St Magnus Centre in Kirkwall, the twelve tracks include fiddle, viola, harp, cello, flute and accordion arrangements, two pieces by the City of Kirkwall Pipe Band and a beautiful "a Capella" song by The Mayfield Singers.

1. Orcadian Welcome
2. Regina Pacis (Queen Of Peace)
3. On This Rock
4. La Stella Della Speranza (The Star of Hope)
5. Chiocchetti's Waltz
6. St Catherine's Tears
7. Sunset On The Flow
8. Orcadian Salute To Camp 60
9. Little Iron Heart (Palumbi's Love)
10. Jesu, Jesu, Prega Noi (Jesus, Pray For Us)
11. Lambholm Addio (Lambholm Farewell)
12. St Mary's
Price: 10.85

Saltfishforty - Live (CD)

10. Saltfishforty - Live (CD)

Ref: CRSFF0414

Saltfishforty’s first live album, and first with a band (percussion, upright bass and accordion).

1. Old Joe Clark (Live)
2. Burray (Live)
3. Oh Dear Oh (Live)
4. Reiländer (Live)
5. A Ring On Her Hand (Live)
6. Threewheelin' (Live)
7. Lady Franklin's (Live)
8. Glassel (Live)
9. Sleepyheid (Live)
10. Short Day Blues (Live)
11. Tabasco Twist (Live)
12. Trolley's (Live)
13. Netherbow (Live)
14. Milk Cow (Live)
Price: 11.65

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The Teeger That Cam For His Tea (Paperback)

11. The Teeger That Cam For His Tea (Paperback)

Ref: 9781782504665

'There is a chap at the door jist as Sophie an her mum are sittin doon for their tea. Wha could it be? They dinna think it's a muckle, furry, strippit teeger -- that's for shair!' No children's bookshelf is complete without the classic The Tiger Who Came to Tea, but what if Sophie opened the door to find a teeger that's cam for his tea instead? Celebrating its 50th roaring anniversary in 2018, Judith Kerr's much-loved picture book is charmingly retold for the first time in Scots. Keeping all the iconic elements of the story, Scots expert Susan Rennie gives the words a lively Scots twist -- a plate of sandwiches becomes a 'hail plate o pieces' and the big, furry, stripy tiger becomes a 'muckle, furry, strippit teeger'. This bright and bonnie take on a childhood favourite is perfect for reading aloud with young children.
Price: 5.94

A Human Love Story: Journeys to the Heart (Paperback)

12. A Human Love Story: Journeys to the Heart (Paperback)

Ref: 9781780275000

Matt Hopwood set off with just a small bag and a walking stick, no possessions and an open mind to walk many hundreds of miles the length and breadth of the country. He relied entirely on the generosity of strangers for shelter and asked people to tell him their transforming stories. They did. All of these deeply enthralling, profoundly honest stories weave a web of tenderness, connection, compassion and community.

Setting out with only a few possessions and his beard, Matt walked 500 miles from Lindisfarne across the border into and around Scotland to Callanish, the home of the famous standing stones on the Isle of Lewis. "Scotland.....where the hard lines dissolve a little and the beauty and spirit of the earth finds an essential space," he writes.

For some people their love story will span decades and tell a tale of romantic love evolving through the passing years. Others' stories express fleeting moments of connection, care, concern. Most love stories are marked by sadness and loss. Some stories are concerned with maternal and paternal love, others with a love of place, a visceral connection with spirit through landscape. Love stories also connect deeply with our identities, in how we belong and how we are welcomed in society. Each story is different. Each beautiful. Each valuable.
Price: 8.49

Rab Noakes - Bridging The Gaps (CDx2)

14. Rab Noakes - Bridging The Gaps (CDx2)

Ref: NEONCD019

This album completes the availability of Rab Noakes's back-catalogue on CD. It's called 'Bridging the Gaps' and it contains the 1972 album 'Rab Noakes' which was originally issued on A&M Records, 1978's 'Restless' on Ring O'Records and the 1980 album 'Rab Noakes' on MCA Records.

The tracks from all three LPs are placed chronologically on a double-CD and sequenced to include some bonus tracks. They include a b-side which didn't feature on an album, a version specially recorded for a single, an out-take, a rehearsal recording and a version edited and mixed for a single.

1. Drunk Again
2. Jugglers
3. The Way You Know
4. Wait A Minute
5. The Goodnight Loving Trail
6. One Bed, One Purse
7. Just Away
8. Half A Mile From Nowhere
9. Patter Merchant
10. Everywhere You Look
11. Hard On You
12. Travel Sickness
13. Miles Away
14. Wait A Minute (single Version)
15. She's All I See
16. Restless
17. Don't Stop Now
18. I Won't Let You Down
19. Waiting Here For You

1. Fallen Ones
2. Somebody Counts On Me
3. Lonely Boy Tonight
4. Long Dark Night
5. Get Away From Here
6. Same Old Place
7. Save The Last Dance For Me
8. I Can't Get Enough Of You
9. Don't Let Your Heart Break Down
10. Feeling Your Way
11. Call It A Day
12. Moment To Moment
13. Come Back Home
14. Liberty's Ledge
15. Memories
16. Shine A Light
17. See Me Again
18. I Can't Get Enough Of You (single Mix/Edit)
Price: 13.55

The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards - Highland Cathedral (USB FLASH DRIVE)

15. The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards - Highland Cathedral (USB FLASH DRIVE)


Most vehicle manufacturers in the UK are no longer installing CD players in new cars as standard! Now travellers can have the option to play music instantly on the car entertainment system using a USB FLASH DRIVE. This FIRST PRE-RECORDED CD & VIDEO TITLE, "Highland Cathedral", by The Pipes & Drums Of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards will be available packaged in a NEW CD SIZE PRESENTATION BOX displaying the collectible USB WHISKY BOTTLE SHAPED SOUVENIR, as illustrated above.

1. Highland Cathederal
2. Main Theme From The Last Of The Mohicans/The Gael
3. 2/4 Marches, The Barren Rocks Od Aden, Selection
4. Amazing Grace
5. The Rebel Piper
6. Steam Train To Mallaig
7. My Heart Will Go On (Titanic Love Theme)
8. Strathspeys And Reels, On Evil, Selection
9. The Caste Walls
10. Waltz Set, Murray's Fancy, Selection
11. 4/4 Marches, The Roses Of Prince Charlie, Selection
12. Erin's Green Shore
13. Will You Go Lassie Go
14. Medley, The Banks Of The Lee, Selection
15. Ceilidh Set, Atholl Highlanders, Selection
16. Absent Without Leave (Theme From Soldier Soldier)
17. Hornpipes, The Walrus, Selection
18. Braveheart Trilogy
19. Jig Set, The Gold Ring, Selection
20. Scotland The Brave/ Heilian Laddie
21. Amazing Grace The Fling
Price: 14.99

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Iona Fyfe - Away From My Window (CD)

16. Iona Fyfe - Away From My Window (CD)


Aberdeenshire folksinger Iona Fyfe has become one of Scotland’s finest young ballad singers, rooted deeply in the singing traditions of the North East of Scotland. At twenty-years-old, Iona has established a strong voicing of place in her repertoire and was nominated as Scots Singer of the Year at the MG ALBA Scots Trad Music Awards 2017. A finalist in the BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year, Iona has been described as “one of the best that Scotland has to offer.” (Global-Music.de).

An exploration of her unique style and songwriting voice, Away From My Window features archive clips of singers such as Stanley Robertson and Lizzie Higgins whilst drawing on the work of more recent songmakers such as Michael Marra and Aidan Moffat (Arab Strap). Iona’s debut album offers innovative interpretations of ballads, self-penned and contemporary songs alike, whilst remaining sympathetic to the song tradition which she grew up around. Produced by Jani Lang, of Dallahan, Away From My Window features a stellar folk line-up of musicians such as Luc McNally, Tim Edey, Charlie Grey, Simon Gall, David Foley, Graham Rorie, Charlie Stewart, and Ross Miller.

Iona Fyfe - vocals, harmonium (2,3)
Charlie Grey - fiddle (3,4,5,6,7,8)
Jani Lang - fiddle (1,10)
Ross Miller - whistle (4) border pipes (4,6,10)
Graham Rorie - mandolin (1,2,7,8,10)
Tim Edey - melodeon (1,5,10) nylon guitar (1,2,5,) steel guitar (7)
Luc McNally - guitar (1,2,3,5,7,10)
Aidan Moodie - guitar (4,6), harmony vocals (7)
Simon Gall - piano (3,4,5,6,7,8) harmony vocals (7)
Charlie Stewart - double bass (1,4,5,6,10)
Callum Cronin - double bass (2,3,5,7,8)
Cameron Nixon – backing vocals (1,4,7,8,10)
David Foley - bodhran (1,4,6)
Laura Wilkie – violin (2,5)
Alice Allen – cello (2,5)

1. Guise of Tough
2. Glenlogie
3. Banks of Inverurie
4. The Swan Swims
5. Away From My Window
6. Bonny Udny
7. Take Me Out Drinking
8. And So Must We Rest
9. Banks of The Tigris
10. Pit Gair
Price: 10.99

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A Super Scotland Activity Book (Paperback)

17. A Super Scotland Activity Book (Paperback)

Ref: 9781782504795

Discover Scotland with this bright and lively activity and sticker book that's bursting with colouring, puzzles and lots more. Find the real Nessie, play a few Highland games and take a trip on the North Coast 500 through puzzles and activities inspired by all the things that make Scotland special -- the places, animals, history, traditions and famous faces. Entertaining from cover to cover, A Super Scotland Activity Book has a huge variety of things to do: dot-to-dots, mazes, spot the difference, word games, picture and number puzzles, things to spot, plus lots of stickers! With plenty of dip-in and out appeal, children can enjoy activities that feature all the highlights of a tour of Scotland and learn fun facts along the way. A Super Scotland Activity Book is a must-have for holidays in Scotland and a wonderful souvenir for remembering Scottish adventures.
Price: 5.09

Barry Nisbet - A Bright Ray of Sunshine (CD)

18. Barry Nisbet - A Bright Ray of Sunshine (CD)

Ref: 880992159524-BCD

Barry Nisbet is a songwriter, fiddle player and guitarist who combines the music of his native Shetland with a style inspired by the drama of the islands, history, the sea, and his own travels and experiences. He has performed with Shetland´s ‘Rack n Ruin’, Dundee´s ‘Wire and Wool’ and France-based ‘Tildon Krautz’ and is creator of the ‘Sessions and Sail’ project that will launch on the west coast of Scotland in 2018.

With 10 tracks of all-original material, A Bright Ray of Sunshine is a collaborative album that features notable musicians from Dundee and beyond, namely:
Theo Barnard (Wire and Wool) guitar and vocals; Ade Dacre (Badly Drawn Boy) drums; Stephen Jack (Two Thieves) bass; Amira Kremers (Two Thieves) vocals; Fiona McAndrew (Metecandriu) vocals; Robbie Ward (Zen and the Art of Jollification; AMWWF) keys/whistle/bass/vocals; Robin Wynn Evans (TPot Studios) percussion.

Offering transcendental folk that blends a Scottish sound with influences ranging through jazz and psychedelia to Americana, the album was made with the assistance of a Dundee Musicians Award, and was recorded by Robin Wynn Evans at TPot Studios, Perthshire in November and December 2017.

1. Borderland
2. Comfortless Cove
3. Brydon & Anona's Wedding Waltz
4. Train To Anywhere
5. Hunger's Daughter
6. Desert Wind
7. Da Ballad o Da Jessie
8. Come in the Summer Time
9. Imperial Jig / Night Trip to London
10. Within Sadness
Price: 10.99

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Funbox - Dinosaur Safari (CD)

19. Funbox - Dinosaur Safari (CD)

Ref: 880992159623-BCD

Get ready for some Stone Age singalong silliness as Anya, Kevin and Gary (formerly of The Singing Kettle) go on their most roarsome adventure yet – DINOSAUR SAFARI.

The FUNBOX gang are in a prehistoric pickle as they go on a quest to find their keys and discover different Dino-pals. Along the way they meet friends old and new including Kevin’s crazy Granny, those fuzzy funsters; Fluffy and Flossie, and their cheeky chum: Bonzo, who is finding his inner cave dog and hunting the ultimate bone.

DINOSAUR SAFARI is packed with ginormous singalong fun for all the family and features all the songs from FUNBOX's amazing live show - plus five fantastic bonus tracks.

Get ready to find those keys, unlock the box and release the fun.

1 FUNBOX Rhyme
2 Dinosaur Safari
3 The Bear Came Over The Mountain
4 5 Cavemen
5 Dino B.O.N.Z.O.
6 Knick Knack Paddy Whack
7 Granny Mary’s Canary
8 Don’t Eat That
9 Birthday Bounce
10 Think Big

Bonus Tracks
11 Rocking All Over The World
12 The Tail of Nessie O
13 The Bogey Song
14 Apples and Bananas
15 Open The Locks
Price: 10.99

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The Oran Project - Music Without Borders (CD)

20. The Oran Project - Music Without Borders (CD)

Ref: ORPJ002-BCD

Music Without Borders is the first full length release from The Oran Project and follows on from their well-received two-track single Morocco/Paris.

Band leader Dougie Gordon has assembled a team of talented musicians with years of experience in a diverse array of musical styles, from Fife native Hazel McClure’s classical violin and traditional Scottish fiddle background, to Mike Delaitre’s sega and maloya rhythms played on traditional percussion instruments from his homeland of Mauritius. Bass player Andy Gilmour comes from a jazz and progressive rock background while guitarist Bill Dick grounds the band with his rock and blues sensibilities. Dougie himself has been immersed in the music and instruments he has found on his travels and has found a particular affinity with Gnawa music from the Berber peoples of Morocco and the Touareg blues of sub-Saharan Africa.

The album was recorded live in the studio with minimal overdubs allowing the musicians the opportunity to be spontaneous and to share new ideas. In the seven original instrumental compositions Dougie displays his natural instinct for rhythm and melody and in his arrangement of the Ale is Dear, puts a rhythmic spin on a traditional Scottish tune.

Music Without Borders takes the listener on a journey through landscapes near and far, exotic and familiar. The instruments too go on a journey of sorts, not tied to their traditional musical styles or homes yet Dougie’s innate musicality makes them sound as if they are exactly where they belong.

1. Figueras
2. Mali Blues
3. Kintyre
4. Oran
5. Budapest
6. Arizona
7. The Ale is Dear
8. A Distant Border
Price: 10.99

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