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Scottish Saltire Music For Christmas and New Year

Scottish Music - New Products

Ian Hutson & His Scottish Dance Band - The Silver Milestone - CD

1. Ian Hutson & His Scottish Dance Band - The Silver Milestone - CD

Ref: 880992150149

"Ballintuim Village Hall Committee are proud that 2018 marks the 25th Anniversary of monthly dances held in the hall. To celebrate this milestone, I once again called upon Ian Hutson and His Scottish Dance Band. Ian and I put together a mix of older, newer and favourite tunes and dances for this live recording, including a dance I devised myself called The Silver Milestone. A very enjoyable evening was had by all; dancers, listeners and musicians.

On behalf of the hall committee I would like to offer our sincere thanks to the Drumderg Wind Farm Fund as this project would not have been possible without its help. All proceeds will go towards hall funds.

We are grateful to David Cunningham Jnr and Snr for recording and engineering this CD. As friends and fellow band leaders we appreciate their experience and enthusiasm in the Scottish dance band scene.

Huge thanks to Ian, Neil, Alasdair, Jim, Alasdair & Gordon for a night of great music. Special thanks also to Ian for all his work behind the scenes.

Looking back over these 25 years I’ve seen dancers and musicians travel from near and far to join us on a Saturday night. My heartfelt thanks to you all for your support and friendship, it really means a lot."

Ann Martin

1. Nice to See You (32 Bar Reel)
2. Lochaber Foxtrot (2/4 March)
3. Duthie Park (4x32 Jig)
4. Mayfair Quickstep (Quickstep)
5. The Falls o'Rogie (8x32 Reel)
6. Glyn-Gary Swing (6/8 March)
7. Lady In Red (5x32 Jig)
8. Memory Waltz (Waltz)
9. Reel of the Puffins (4x32 Reel - 2 chords)
10. kilmorack March (4/4 March)
11. The Silver Milestone (4x32 Jig)
12. Golden Slipper Two step (Two-Step)
13. 1 O'Clock Canon (5x32 Reel)
14. Fiona's Polka (Polka)
15. Geese in the Bog (4x64 Jig)
16. Eugene Tango (Tango)
17. Circle of Friends (4x32 Reel)
18. Gypsy Tap (4/4 March)
19. Tribute to Euan (4x40 Jig - 2 chords)
20. Circassian Circle (32 Bar Reel)
Price: 10.99


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Hamish Napier - The Railway

2. Hamish Napier - The Railway

Ref: SRCD03

The album comes in a gorgeous-looking black and white digipack, including a 16 page booklet, artwork and design by the fabulous Somhairle MacDonald somhairle.co.uk. Also includes vintage photos of the Speyside line and Highland Railway taken by photographers from the 1920s up until the '60s.

1. The Speyside Line
2. Double-Header
3. Jocky the Mole
4. The Firebox
5. The Old Ways
6. Up the Hill
7. Helen's Song
8. The Station
9. Dr. McGugan's Favourite
10. The World Came in By Rail
11. Cheery Groove
12. Diesel
13. The Railwayman, Pt. 1
14. The Railwayman, Pt. 2
15. The Railwayman, Pt. 3
Price: 11.49

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Adam Sutherland - Some Other Land

3. Adam Sutherland - Some Other Land


Some Other Land’ is the much-anticipated new album from leading fiddle player Adam Sutherland, and refers to the fact that most of these catchy melodies have been coming to the award winning composer in his sleep.
Adam is one of Scotland’s most well known fiddlers and won the ‘Composer of the Year’ at the 2017 Scots Trad Music Awards.

1. The Wizard
2. Lupins in the Lairig /Calum and LB's / Katie Knight's Daughter
3. Emma's Waltz / Mairi Duncan of Errogie
4. The Lada / The North-Sider
5. Tune for Hayley
6. Alap
7. Somhairie Dubh / Allan Thornton frae Sydes Brae
8. Kevin Henderson
9. Sushi 7/8
10. The Broken Man and the Banker
11. Dusk on Loch Ness
Price: 11.50

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Stephanie Devlin - Blessings - CD

4. Stephanie Devlin - Blessings - CD

Ref: SD0001

Stephanie Devlin's debut album 'Blessings' features 12 beautiful hymns and songs, presented with gentle piano and strings accompaniments by producer Jonathan Rea. The list includes classics like When I Survey and Holy Holy Holy, as well as Hillsong's Worthy is the Lamb, modern hymns from the Getty and Sovereign Grace catalogues and Laura Story’s moving ballad, Blessings.

Belfast-born Stephanie is a classically trained singer, currently a choral scholar at St John’s College, Durham. She has sung in the Royal Albert Hall with the National Youth Choir of Great Britain and was chosen as the Composer in Residence for the Ulster Youth Choir. She has recently returned from a choral performance in China. Her classical and Celtic roots can both be heard in this album; she delivers the songs with a vocal which is both pristine in its musical precision and relaxed in its lilt. Stephanie is genuinely passionate about communicating her faith through her music and sings with a natural purity which conveys the lyrics with exceptional clarity and gently persuasive power.

1. Blessings
2. And Can it Be
3. When I Survey
4. The Look
5. Good to Me
6. Grace
7. I Will Glory in My Redeemer
8. Alas, and did my Saviour Bleed
9. Worthy is the Lamb
10. He Will Hold Me Fast
11. Holy, Holy, Holy
12. The Perfect Wisdom of Our God
Price: 10.99


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Orkney Strathspey and Reel Society - Night In That Land - CD

5. Orkney Strathspey and Reel Society - Night In That Land - CD

Ref: OSRS4

Night in that Land is a collection of music from Orkney, Scotland and beyond, played by members of the Orkney Strathspey and Reel Society. It is the Society’s fourth album, this one released to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the OSRC's founding in 1948.

The tunes are a cross section of the repertoire played at their friendly weekly practices, where up to twenty musicians meet to share their enjoyment of traditional music. Fiddles, accordions, piano, double bass, mandolin, guitar, cello, viola and whistle all feature in this lively selection of sets.

1. The Banks of the Nith / In the Garb of Old Gaul
2. Gary's Polka
3. The Rakes of Kildare / Roaring Jelly / Dumfries House
4. Jean and Andy Leonard's Waltz
5. Brumley Brae / Lorna's Reel
6. Morag Ramsay
7. The Craic at Clashmore Hall / The Kiwi Pipers
8. Florence Killen's Waltz
9. E & M Seatter and M Maxwell / Orcadia / Catching Rabbits
10. The Deerness Two Step
11. The Jig of Slurs
12. Night in that Land
13. St. Ninian's Isle / Da Road to Houll / Merryn's Reel
14. The Churchill Barriers / The Twos
15. Willie and Bertha's Boston
16. Filet Bobine / Montgomery Bell Waltz
17. Pottinger's Pineapple Polka
18. Six-Twenty Two Step
Price: 10.99


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Alastair Savage - When Barley Reaches Shore - CD

6. Alastair Savage - When Barley Reaches Shore - CD

Ref: SAV005CD

'When Barley Reaches Shore' is Alastair Savage's 5th solo album. It continues his output of classic Scots fiddle repertoire by Niel Gow and James Scott Skinner included on his previous release 'Alone Wth History' in 2016, whilst at the same time adding the music of William Marshall, another great fiddle composer of the 18th century, to the collection. Following the purely unaccompanied fiddle sound of his last recording, this album adds to his work with Euan Drysdale on guitar and piano alongside Iain Crawford on double bass, the trio having performed together on Alastair’s earliest 3 albums. Tracks include Skinner’s beautifully haunting airs 'Hector The Hero' and 'The Music O' Spey' alongside many of Gow's famous strathspeys, jigs and reels celebrating the composer's Perthshire roots such as 'Highland Whisky', the 'Marquis Of Tullibardine' and 'Dunkeld Hermitage'. Marshall’s 'Chapel Keithack' is one of Scottish fiddle history’s most famous melodies and forms the centre piece of the Marshall tribute.

As well as the music of the great 18th and 19th century fiddle composers, Alastair includes many of his own compositions as well. On this album the ‘Islay Wedding Music’ Part 1 features melodies commissioned by friends for a wedding on Islay in 2013 and Part 2 includes tunes written by Alastair for his own wedding in 2016 on the same island. His other composition is ‘The Soldier’s Prayer’ which is a deeply poignant dedication to the British soldiers lost recently in conflicts overseas. The album represents Alastair’s first recording project alongside sound engineer David Gray at the Sound Cafe near Penicuik, Midlothian. The album was recorded over a three year period starting in 2015 and David has expertly captured the individual moments of inspiration from the trio. His experience of recording many different genres of music is of great value in highlighting the contrasting styles of the tracks on the album.

1. Farewell To Whisky / Highland Whisky / Miss Stewart Of Grandtully
2. Marquis Of Tullibardine / Dunkeld Hermitage
3. Hector The Hero / Milladen / The Devil In The Kitchen / The Devil And The Dirk
4. The Soldier's Prayer
5. Islay Wedding Music, Part 1: Wedding Morn / Jenni Minto's One Way Ticket To Sanaigmore Beach / The Port Charlotte Reel
6. Islay Wedding Music, Part 2: Welcome Jig / The Boat To Jura / Finlaggan's Farewell
7. Marquis Of Huntly / Miss Cameron Of Balvenie / Mrs McPherson Of Gibston
8. Chapel Keithack
9. Miss Hannah Of Elgin / Mrs Fraser Of Cullen
10. The Music O' Spey
Price: 10.99


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Charlie Abel - A Celtic Voice - CD

7. Charlie Abel - A Celtic Voice - CD

Ref: CAL002

Long awaited solo CD from Charlie Abel, the band leader of . 'A Celtic Voice' features a selection of songs and Accordion instrumentals. Some are well known favourites, some are Charlie's own creations.

All music arranged and performed by Charlie Abel: Accordion, keyboards, guitar and vocals.

1. Bad-Tempered Woman
2. Dr. Fritz Wendland (Instrumental)
3. Long Before Your Time
4. The Dark Island (Instrumental)
5. Up The Noran Water
6. Ronnie Watt's 9th Dan (Instrumental)
7. Bittersweet Waltz
8. Loch Tay Boat Song
9. The March Hare (Instrumental)
10. Mormond Braes / Mormond Reel
11. My Turriff Grandma (Instrumental)
12. Dae Yi Mind On Lang Lang Syne?
13. Albert & Dorothy's Tunes (Instrumental)
14. Rosie Findlay (The Heather Wifie)
15. Freedom Come-All-Ye
16. Aberdonian Sunset (Instrumental)
Price: 10.99


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Baffies' Easy Munro Guide: Southern Highlands - Paperback

8. Baffies' Easy Munro Guide: Southern Highlands - Paperback

Ref: 9781912147519

Baffies, the entertainments convenor of the Go-Take-a-Hike Mountaineering Club, is allergic to exertion, prone to lassitude, suffers from altitude sickness above 600m, blisters easily and bleeds readily. Think the Munros are too difficult? Think again. Baffies' Easy Munro Guide is the first of a series of reliable rucksack guides to some of the more easily tackled Munros. Twenty-five routes, each covering one main Munro, all with detailed maps and full colour throughout - this lightly humorous and opinionated book will tell you everything you need to reach the summit. Thousands of people each year attempt to conquer the Munros. This guide allows beginners and those looking for a less strenuous challenge to join in. It is perfect for anyone exploring Scotland's beautiful mountains, whatever his or her level of experience.
Price: 6.79

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Edinburgh: 10 Walks in the Historic Old Town - Paperback

9. Edinburgh: 10 Walks in the Historic Old Town - Paperback

Ref: 9781905769582

The Old Town is the historic heart of Edinburgh . . . and of Scotland. This fascinating book explains why it is so important to Scottish history and includes everything you will need to explore the world-famous Royal Mile and the ancient closes and wynds that run off it. In full colour throughout, the book has detailed maps, 250 photographs and illustrations, hundreds of historical vignettes, in-depth sections on people and places, and, in addition, supplementary sections on both Edinburgh castle and Holyrood palace. The Old Town is the stage upon which momentous events have played out: bloody battles and sieges, bitter religious conflicts, political upheavals, notorious executions. It is a major cultural centre and home to the nation's most-notable institutions, including the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh castle, Holyrood palace, the Church of Scotland, the National Museum of Scotland and the senior law courts. As one might expect the great names from the pages of Scottish history have been part of the Old Town's often-turbulent past, among them Mary, Queen of Scots, John Knox, James VI, Bonnie Prince Charlie, Sir Walter Scott, James Boswell, Adam Smith and David Hume. If the history was not enough the Old Town is in addition an architectural wonder. The medieval closes, wynds and courts are a delight and who can argue with Robert Louis Stevenson's description of Edinburgh as: 'This profusion of eccentricities, this dream in masonry and living rock'. Printed on the highest-quality art paper, this is a book that everyone with an interest in this great city will relish.
Price: 11.04

Polly's Collies Calendar 2019

10. Polly's Collies Calendar 2019

Ref: 9781780275451

The Border Collie is one of the world's most popular and intelligent dog breeds. Nature writer and photographer Polly Pullar has lived with them all her life and knows the breed intimately. This calendar features her own dogs set against spectacular Scottish scenery, and is a wonderful celebration of one of the world's most distinguished breeds.
Price: 8.49

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