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Baffies' Easy Munro Guide: Southern Highlands - Paperback

Baffies' Easy Munro Guide: Southern Highlands - Paperback

Ref: 9781912147519

Format: Book

EAN / ISBN: 9781912147519

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Baffies, the entertainments convenor of the Go-Take-a-Hike Mountaineering Club, is allergic to exertion, prone to lassitude, suffers from altitude sickness above 600m, blisters easily and bleeds readily. Think the Munros are too difficult? Think again. Baffies' Easy Munro Guide is the first of a series of reliable rucksack guides to some of the more easily tackled Munros. Twenty-five routes, each covering one main Munro, all with detailed maps and full colour throughout - this lightly humorous and opinionated book will tell you everything you need to reach the summit. Thousands of people each year attempt to conquer the Munros. This guide allows beginners and those looking for a less strenuous challenge to join in. It is perfect for anyone exploring Scotland's beautiful mountains, whatever his or her level of experience.

Release Year: 2018

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